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Serving Small and Medium Size Business’ since 1991!

A Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

My Services

(How you benefit by working with The Crystal Group)

The benefit to you is I’m a one stop shop for your advertising and marketing needs. I start off by reviewing what you are doing now. If you have a web site I include a 30 plus page Search Engine Evaluation report that is free of charge.

I use a very simple, clear cut process to help you market and advertise your business or service. It started out as the “Match Book” plan but hardly anyone uses match books anymore. Now it’s the “Napkin” plan. No multi page document that you won’t read, just a simple and effective process that works.

I start with the end result you want. Or what is your ultimate sales goal? Then work backwards from there on how to achieve it using our tool box.

Doing it this way you will have a step by step approach on what you need to do including how to measure your results rather than doing everything at once that some suggest. If you do everything at once, which is not a good idea, how do you know what’s working and what’s not? You don’t and you are wasting your time and money! Let me do the hard lifting for you. Try me out! It doesn’t cost you a penny. Jim

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MY Tool Box

These are just some of the tools I use to increase your visibility.


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With the right tools a semi-custom designed video ad can be set up advertising your business for between $100 and $150. This ad can be used on Social Media, You Tube, as an e-mail attachment and much more. Interested? Contact us today using the form below.


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Here’s where new business’ go crazy!. They think without a beautiful custom logo they will not get noticed. This is only partially true. Your logo can be just text, a graphic or a combination of both. It needs to be visually appealing. What’s a good logo? Here’s one test: When you are driving around look at the logos people are using on their car. I really like the business’ that put all their information on a 12 inch by 18 inch magnet and expect you to see it all as you whiz by at 30 miles/hour! What a waste of money! Compare this to the same size magnet with a vacuum cleaner, Large telephone number (or email/web address) and a short statement like: “need your house cleaned?”  Business’ should invest between $65 & $150 for a logo that will make you stand out from your competition.

Click here to see a video containing  unique ways of showing off your logo, business, name, etc. The video is a collection of 7 to 12 second introductions designed to make you stand out in a crowd. See the video here.


Our Hosting and design services are a complete solution to small business’ on-line needs. Everything a business needs to establish an online presence is included in our services. Samples of what to expect and pricing information can be seen by clicking here and going to a site I own:


Every small and medium size business needs to be on the Internet. If you are not you are losing market share.

Where do you start? For starters I highly recommend:

  1. A web site (see above about our hosting and design services)
  2. A Face Book business page or pages.

Which do you do first? I suggest setting up Face Book first then doing your web page.  After these two there are many other ways to become visible on line. This is where your budget comes in.

Here is an example of a Face Book business page. Lynn works with me. Sign into your Face Book account so you can see this

  1. The Face Book header is a custom design she uses to sell Custom Face Book headers. We can  completely customize your header including using your voice. The price for this is at the end of the header video and I will honor it.
  2. Scroll Down and look at her posts. The top two (M and M’s and police officer) are slide shows and can be used in your header. Next click on the farmhouse and see a really cool way to advertise (no credit card or information asked for). Same with the two gorilla’s.
  3. The other posts show what adding a frame to a picture can do to make a picture standout.

Here is another example I have on my page and one of my Face Book business pages. I have a process available that allows you to post a video to your Face Book page and it’s automatically added to your web page. Here’s how this works:

  1. Log into your Face Book account and click on Search Bar at top and put in On this page you will see videos. Now go over to my page:  and you will see the same videos.
  2. This works as follows. I post the videos to FaceBook directly (not through YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and they automatically appear as a page on my web site. To each video comments can be added as well as a link to Face Book Messenger. Try it


If you have a store front you cannot rely on the Internet or social media to do all your marketing and advertising. Reaching out to the community will increase sales.

Your ad does not need to be long winded. But It must include an eye catching graphic.

It must say is what you do, your hours, location and what need you can fulfill for the reader.

The ad has to be placed so that it reaches the correct audience. For example, if you sell RV parts you shouldn’t advertise in a magazine/paper that caters to renting an apartment.

There are basically two types of ads:

  1. Ads that cater to foot traffic and your local community
  2. Industry ads that cater to a specific clientele or group.

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Are you looking for an e-mail marketing system that includes

  1. broadcast features,
  2. auto responders,
  3. list building and
  4. much more? 
  1. For a one time fee you can add this system to your tool box. This e-mail system works for all types of business’, services and groups. It’s cloud based and user friendly. Click below and watch the video. 

Click here for the details and how to order


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There are over 100,000 products that you can customize with your information. You can browse by price, category and use by clicking here. Or let me know what you are trying to accomplish and I will come up with ideas for you.

To Sum up, I've been in business now over 25+ years and have survived! I would like to share my knowledge with you and help you grow your business with The Crystal Group as your partner. 


P.S. In the first three months of 2018 I turned away working with three potential clients. Why?

  • The did not realize that increasing their visibility takes time and sweat equity,
  • That increasing exposure is an investment in their business and not a cost,
  • That they are experts in what they do but not in marketing and advertising.
  • They listen to "Dream Killers!" rather than experts - A Dream Killer is a family member, friend, committee, etc. who has no investment in the business and thinks they know everything! Dream Killers usually will lose nothing if business fails.

Contact me today and find out how I can help you increase visibility and increase your sales. It doesn't cost anything to do this. Find out how I can help you with: 

  • Social Marketing using Google, Linked, FaceBook, YouTube and much more,
  • On Line and Off Line visibility,
  • Community Exposure (how your neighbors see you),
  • How to effectively use videos,
  • How to effectively use e-mails,
  • Using promotional advertising products such as: pens, mugs, magnets, etc.  A fact: 83% remember the advertiser of a promotional product!
  • Using Product Ads on your web page (examples underneath the contact form)

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