Buy The Best Business Card Magnets For Sale at only $99.50 for 500

Buy The Best Business Card Magnets For Sale at only $99.50 for 500

Buy The Best Business Card Magnets For Sale at only $99.50 for 500 Wouldn’t it be fantastic to give out a marketing tool that outperforms everything your competitors are giving out?

Business Card Magnets are the perfect solution for doing this!

Business card magnets can be left on fridges and file cabinets and are visible for years.

Our exceptional quality business card magnets are full color on thick material with a shiny finish, created by our professional staff and precisely cut to the exact same size as a business card.

Since we utilize the state-of-the-art technology we have the ability to price our business card magnets at a really affordable price.

Creating business card magnets in full color is similar to designing a standard business card. A vertical or horizontal format depends on you.

With over 25 years experience I understand what works.

You can purchase business card magnets on-line, in big box stores or do it yourself. The question you need to answer is where will you get the best quality product with the very best design from a marketing expert?

I’ve been offering and developing business cards magnets and other products since 1991. Am I the lowest price? No, but I am cost effective.

For instance 500 business card magnets created by an marketing expert is only $99.50 delivered. This included designs, proofs, marketing consultation and delivery.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about business card magnets we’ve received over the years:

Q. What are the major advantages of using business card magnets?
A. The benefits of business card magnets are that they won’t be damaged from being carried around or mailed. They will last a long time in your prospective client’s home or office. Once it’s stuck on the refrigerator or file cabinet, it will stay there, safe secure and visible, for many years to come. Likewise, they hold everything from documents to illustrations on the fridge or file cabinet and function as decorations by themselves.

Q. Who utilizes business card magnets?
A. Everyone! Practically anybody can utilize a business card magnet. They are terrific handouts at tradeshows, market conferences, happy hours, lead groups , airport lounges and almost any location you interact with potential clients.

Q. What’s included in your design services?
A. Since 1991 we’ve been creating and selling business card magnets. We are an advertising agency concentrating on acquiring views for our clients. Before you pay, we will examine your existing info and provide a style that will get you seen. Our prices include proofs, shipping and a 100% quality guarantee.

Q. What should I look for when purchasing business card magnets?
A. The main thing to look for is density. Thin magnets under 20 mil thick will curl and eventually fail. We only offer commercial grade thick magnets. These range from 20 mil to 50 mil with 25 mil (about the thickness of a dime) our biggest seller. Our second best is 20 mil. Our magnets stick and do not curl. Adhesive Magnetic Business Card Magnets.

Q. Do they last?
A. When you offer somebody your business card magnet, you need to know that they will last. This is why business card magnets work. You don’t want your details to fall apart and prevent a individual from reaching you in the future. Once on the fridge or cabinet they will stay for years and have your information seen daily.

Q. I want to design my magnet myself. How Do I do this?
A. A business card magnet is basically a small bill- board. You want it to be captivating but not overpowering. Your objective is getting you views on how you solve a problem or need. Your magnet, besides including your name and reach details, ought to have a heading stating (what issue you solve), your logo if you have one, a picture (you, your service car, shop front, and so on) The type face utilized must be easily readable. Keep it simple. Do not pack too much info on the card.

Q. What’s the best method to distribute business card magnets?
A. If you offer wholesale or retail products, make sure you include a business card magnet in package so you can promote more sales. Your business card magnets need to be included with every piece of correspondence you send. People do not like to throw magnets away! Really due to the fact that they’re so helpful for keeping papers in order.

Also, business card magnets, as you might currently know, work well on fridges, filing cabinets, coffee devices and any other magnetic metal surface you can think about inside the home or office.

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