Did you know that in the US, an average of 595,000 businesses permanently shut down each year? (That’s an average of 1,630 a DAY.)!

Don’t Let this Happen to You.

I can help you increase sales in your zip code or service area.

Are your messages on FaceBook and other social media helping you increase your bottom line?

Do your e-mails get responses and lead to sales?

The quickest way to increase visibility and your bottom line: Video Business Cards.

A Video business card is not expensive, less than 50 cents a day. It gives you more ways to advertise.

Video Business Cards drive people to your web site with every e-mail you send and every social media post you make.

People are impatient! Video Business Cards are short and to the point using an attention grabbing video and your information that overcomes this.

Video Business Cards can be used for so many things including:

  • Product Introduction,
  • House/Condo for sale,
  • Estate sale,
  • Car/Boat/Plane for sale,
  • New book on sale,
  • Church services,
  • Band Schedule
  • Bar/Restaurant hours.menus
  • Cruise,
  • A web site for those on a budget. A great way to start a new business,
  • Club/Fraternal Organization Intro,
  • And so much more!

Video business cards are custom designed to you.. Each video card has a few parts:

  • A Headline that creates interest,
  • A video on YouTube that draws attention,
  • Bullet points tell the viewer what you do,
  • Links that gets visitors to where the details of your company are and
  • Then they see how you can help solve their need or problem.

Short, sweet and an attention grabber!

Here’s examples of  video business cards:


This is my card, click on it and see what happens. You can also use your logo, pictures, another image, etc. The graphic is yours, can be used as an e-mail attachment, add to a FaceBook Page/Post, social media post, etc.

I start by making a short 45 to 60 second video. then a heading, links to your site and bullet points to a page you choose or to a contact form are added. Here are the details and examples: online-business-cards.com

This increases any on-line advertising you are presently doing.

No hosting is involved, no upkeep on your part, we do it all. Click here for a complete description and see more examples.

And your investment is less than 45 cents a day! No payment is required until you approve the final product.

Contact us now and get started before your competitors beat you to it. We are an experienced advertising/marketing company that’s been in business since 1991.


We are advertising now in specific zip codes so first come first served is our goal.

We only will work with one client in your zip code(s) or area you serve.

E-mail us now at jim@crystal-group.com to start the process.